How to Get PayPal Buyer Subscription to AWeber – Without Spamming

Most online stores, bloggers, and vloggers use AWeber to receive payments for their content. Since PayPal has adopted recurring billing, the world of online transactions has shifted to favor the digital wallet and its various offerings. PayPal is the best-known digital wallet, but you can also use Venmo, Square Cash, and more.

If you’re looking for an e-commerce solution that supports recurring billing with an emphasis on usability, then you need to consider AWeber. The app and its affiliate program let you target marketing and grow your business with minimal effort while providing a good user experience.

Here’s how you can get started with AWeber.

Sign Up

The first step to utilizing AWeber is signing up for a free account. Once you have a free account, you can begin building your audience and learning the ins and outs of the app. You can use the platform’s default templates or build a custom sign-up page in no time.

Set Up Your Email List

The next step is to set up your email list. You can do this by visiting the Platform’s home screen and clicking the Gear icon in the upper right corner. From here, you can choose to either import an existing list or use the platform’s import tool to grow your email list. You can also use third-party tools to grow your email list, but you should use the built-in tools first because they are free and can be integrated with your account.

Explore The Platform

After you’ve signed up and set up your email list, you can begin exploring the app’s features. From your dashboard, you can navigate to the store’s homepage, explore the different tabs along the top, and engage with content from brands you follow. You can also connect your social media accounts and grow your audience. The more you engage with your audience, the more they will engage with your content.

Create And Manage Affiliate Stores

AWeber’s affiliate program provides you with the necessary building blocks to launch your own affiliate store. When a user clicks a product’s link or button on your site, you will earn a commission. Some of the commission will be paid to your affiliate account while the rest will be paid to the product’s merchant account when the user makes a purchase.

If you’ve never launched an affiliate store, then the process can be a little bit intimidating. Luckily, AWeber includes a wealth of information in their Help center and a variety of video tutorials that walk you through each step. These videos are accessible from your Dashboard when you need extra support or just want to navigate the platform easier. When you’ve finished learning, you can create your own affiliate store in no time and begin reaping the benefits.

You can also use AWeber to promote products you’re passionate about or have connections to. If you believe in the product or service, then you can earn a commission each time an affiliate completes a purchase. You should only promote products you believe in or are passionate about because it is in these cases that you will likely see the greatest benefits from your efforts (and avoid the risks of promoting a product you’re not 100% convinced will be worth the effort).

Manage Your Affiliate Program

Once you’ve set up your affiliate store, the next step is to manage your affiliate program. On the left side of your dashboard, you will see the different affiliates you’ve connected to Google Pay. Each affiliate is listed with a symbol next to their name that denotes the percent of the sale they contribute to your business. The more you grow your affiliate network, the more you earn.

You can monitor your affiliate sales and view detailed reports of your performance in the app’s dashboard. You can also choose to connect your bank accounts so you can see all of your earnings in real-time. This way, you can track your business’s earnings and decide how much you want to withdraw or how much you want to keep.

Buyer Subscription For Life

AWeber’s default pricing is a one-time payment for a buyer’s subscription. However, if you’d like to continue receiving shipments of a product, you can choose to enroll in a recurring billing program with PayPal. When a user signs up for a trial or sign up for a free account, they will be presented with this option. If they choose to subscribe, then you’ll be able to set up a recurring payment for the product. This will allow you to continue receiving shipments of the product, and the customer will enjoy a discounted rate.

PayPal Buyer Subscription

PayPal now offers a similar option with their recurring billing plans. When you purchase a product from an online store that accepts PayPal, you’ll see a popup asking you if you’d like to subscribe to their emails. If you subscribe, then you’ll be able to set up a recurring payment and continue enjoying the discounted rate.

Why Should You Try AWeber?

AWeber’s affiliate program, customer support, and interface are among the best in the industry. Additionally, the app’s pricing is fair and you won’t have to worry about overspending. This is especially beneficial for new business owners who are just getting their feet wet.

If you’ve been looking for a simple and affordable solution that provides you with all of the necessary features to support your business, then AWeber is the perfect solution. Additionally, since the product’s pricing is in line with standard e-commerce solutions and their customer support is extremely accessible, you’ll have no trouble finding help if you do run into an issue.

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