Should I Join S2Member?

There are plenty of very appealing reasons to join the Society for Sustainable Travel (S2Member), also known as the Green Duo, the TikTok generation’s answer to Peloton.

The global health initiative S2Wellness, which provides access to primary medical care for those unable to afford healthcare, is one of the many projects supported by S2Member. The S2Wellness team travels the world providing free healthcare to those in need, and they use S2Member’s bike-sharing program, Ride2Wellness, to get around. Imagine a world where every town and city had access to healthcare, where everyone could get the healthcare they need, when they need it. That’s the goal of S2Wellness, and it’s an achievable one.

Rising costs, time wasting, and a lack of safety, particularly in some of the larger cities, have made cycling a preferable option for many people. S2Member’s e-bikes are the perfect solution for those looking to get around town without worrying about incurring huge costs or risking their safety.

Why Are They Popular?

S2Member is one of the biggest online communities supporting sustainable and green living. With a presence on every major social media network and a rapidly proliferating blog, the members of this community are well connected and well informed.

This is a significant advantage when it comes to advocacy and activism, areas in which the community is very active. Bike share is one of the most popular topics on the Ride2Wellness community (over 50.3 million views), and a large proportion of the 2.8 million+ community members work for or are involved in environmental organisations. This makes S2Member a potential platform for those looking to do their bit for the planet and to create positive change.

The world’s youngest prime minister, Justin Trudeau, has said that climate change will be one of the defining issues of this century, and many businesses, government agencies, and civil society groups have responded by reducing their carbon footprints and becoming more eco-friendly.

Those supporting climate change initiatives have found a natural home on S2Member, and the platform can also be used to reduce food wastage and promote healthy living.

S2Member is a hybrid social media platform, meaning that it seamlessly connects users’ social media accounts and websites, allowing them to follow their favorite topics, people, and news stories across the globe.

The combination of social media and news feeds makes S2Member a valuable source of news, current affairs, and civic engagement, particularly in the United Kingdom, where there’s a high level of digital and social media adoption.

How Do I Join S2Member?

Anyone can join S2Member, but to gain full access to the platform, you’ll need to meet the fundraising target set by the organisation, which is $500,000 USD. Once this is achieved, you’ll have full access to the platform and all of its resources, including blogs, forums, and news articles. You can then take it from there and raise your own fundraising target to continue using the resources of the community.

To get started, visit and click on Join S2Member. On the next page, you’ll need to provide some personal information (a username and email address) as well as financial information (credit card number and expiration date).

You’ll then be directed to Payment providers, a third-party payment processor that handles all financial transactions on behalf of S2Member. Once this is done, you’ll receive a confirmation email from S2Member containing a link to From there, you can begin the registration process. You’ll need to create a profile and fill out the membership forms, after which you’ll be able to access the community’s premium content. If you haven’t raised your fundraising target, you’ll be unable to continue using the platform. 

What Is The Most Popular Genre On S2Member?

S2Member is a community of millennials and Generation Z, with about 57% using the platform, according to a study by S2Member.

This is a significant proportion given that these demographics are typically less connected to the internet and more ade to traditional methods of social interaction, such as word of mouth and face-to-face interaction. (You can also find out more about S2Member’s demographics here (

According to the study, the most popular genre on S2Member is blogging (27%), followed by vlogging (20%), podcasting (16%), youtube (11%), and twitter (9%). (You can also find out more about the demographics of S2Member’s blogging community here (

Blogging is one of the most popular topics on the Ride2Wellness community (over 100 million views), and it’s also one of the the main methods of communication for community members. With blogging, you can create an authoritative blog that documents your experiences and observations as a member of S2Member, as well as on your travels.

The more you blog, the more you’ll be able to access premium content on S2Member.

What Are Some Of The Other Projects Supported By S2Member?

S2Member is a hybrid social media platform with a significant impact across multiple lines of business, as demonstrated by the following projects.


S2Wellness is a wellness initiative providing free access to primary medical care for those unable to afford their healthcare. It was founded by Dr Shiv Chopra and his wife Sangeeta in 2015, and the couple are actively involved in setting up hundreds of S2Wellness clinics around the world.

S2Wellness is arguably one of the most innovative initiatives funded by S2Member, as the clinics provide access to medical care for those without insurance, allowing them to get diagnostic tests, fill prescriptions, and get immunisations for free.

This is a significant benefit, particularly in the United States, where healthcare is very expensive and only the most insured are able to benefit from the benevolent schemes of greater good. Imagine the economic benefits of a world where everyone can access quality healthcare when they need it, where going to the doctor is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

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