Should You Send More Marketing Emails?

You’ve likely experienced this first hand. You’re on social media, scrolling through your feed and come across an email from a brand that you follow. Suddenly, you’re bombarded by more emails from that brand. Before you know it, you’ve received a dozen or more emails in a single day. Some sources suggest that people now receive as many as 70 email marketing messages per day. That’s a lot of spam!

When someone subscribes to your email list, you’ll often hear them say that they experienced spam because they didn’t expect to receive so many messages. This, of course, is nonsense. Everyone expects to receive spam messages. No one expects to receive a lot of spam. But, most people accept that they’ll receive some spam because it’s a necessary evil. In other words, they expect to receive some noise while they try to focus on the important stuff. But, if you want to grow your email list and continue to engage with your audience, you’ll need to develop a better understanding of why people are unsubscribing in the first place.

The Root Of The Problem

According to the unsubscribe manager at ListHub, consumers today seek quality over quantity when it comes to email marketing. In other words, they want to make sure that the content that they receive is worth reading. And, if you want to appeal to this demographic, you’ll need to revamp your approach and deliver more value without risking your email address.

If you want to keep subscribers, you’ll need to demonstrate that you give a shit about them. Showing up to the moment with valuable information and valuable offers will prove that you care about them and ensure that they continue to visit your email.

To be clear, you don’t have to change everything at once. You can start small, with a few tips and techniques, and evolve from there.

Why Are People Unsubscribing?

According to the ListHub report, the main reasons why people are unsubscribing from your email list include:

  • Too Much Information
  • Inconsistent Communications
  • Boring Emails
  • Timing
  • Subject Lines That Don’t Stand Out
  • Emails That Are Hard To Read
  • Sent Too Many Emails
  • Unworthy Of My Time

So, what can you do to stop unsubscribing? You can start by fixing the items on this list. Take one at a time. Learn from each mistake. Determine what caused the problem and fix it. Don’t worry about fixing everything at once. Take your time. Make sure that each email is written with care and attention to detail. Cut out all the fluff. And try to send emails that are valuable and of good quality.

What’s Next?

Once you understand why people are unsubscribing, it’s easy to fix. Just take out all the pieces that they don’t value and, eventually, they’ll begin to appreciate your efforts. As you gain experience and become more efficient, you’ll be able to cut out more unnecessary fluff. Then, perhaps, you can start including more useful information and offers. But, for now, focus on delivering value.

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