How to Use Toast as an Email Marketing Platform

Toast is an email marketing platform designed for small businesses. It was built by a team of digital marketing veterans who wanted to create a simple and elegant platform to help businesses grow. After you get signed up, you’ll discover a simple and intuitive dashboard where you can create emails that will grow your business.

A Quick Tour of the Dashboard

On the home page, you’ll see four rotating cards which represent the different features offered by the platform. Let’s take a closer look at each one.


Clicking on the marketing tab takes you to a dashboard that displays several projects for you to choose from. Each project is a piece of content, such as a blog post, e-book, or webinar. You can pick and choose what you want while managing all the content from one place.

You’ll also notice that each project comes with a customizable email template. This means you can use the templates to create professional-looking emails that will draw leads into your company.


Under the sales tab, you’ll see a dashboard that displays all the leads generated by your company. When you open a lead, you’ll be taken to a sales page where you can find more information about this particular customer. This feature allows you to get to know your customers better and identify any gaps in your knowledge.

From here, you can follow up with the customer via email or phone call. You can use this platform to create and send emails that will generate leads and increase sales.


Under the account tab, you can access all the essential account information about your company. Here, you can find the dashboard for your Business Analytics, in which you can track the open rates, click-through rates (CTR), and conversion rates for your emails.

You can use these numbers to discover significant email performance issues and find out which ones are working and which ones could use some improvement.


The planning tab takes you to a dashboard that contains all the content you need to create and send your emails. You can plan out each one of your marketing emails in advance and get a glimpse of what will be delivered when you send them.

This feature makes it easier to plan out each email before you send it. Instead of scrambling to make it fit as soon as you finish composing it, you can use this tool to get a head start and nail it. Plus, it saves you from sending poorly conceived emails. You’ll never miss a beat with this feature.


The analysis tab takes you to a dashboard where you can find all the metrics and data related to your email marketing strategies. Here, you can track the open rates, conversions, and email marketing performance of all the campaigns you’ve set up in the past.

Along with the raw data, you can find several charts and graphs that provide you with clear insight into the performance of your emails. You can use this dashboard to track the results of your email marketing efforts and determine which ones are working and which ones could use improvement.

If you’re looking to quickly and effectively grow your business, you can’t miss out on trying out this platform. With Toast, you can create and send branded emails to attract, engage and convert potential customers into paying customers. Moreover, you can follow up with them via email or phone call to take the sale.

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