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Email marketing is a type of marketing that uses emails to convey marketing messages to customers. Many people confuse email marketing with spam, however, that is definitely not the case. Email marketing can be a highly effective and promising method of marketing, especially when used correctly.

Many big businesses and startups initially focused on email marketing as a form of ‘traditional’ marketing. However, the technology behind email marketing has continued to evolve, resulting in the creation of a variety of platforms that can be used to send out emails. As a result, email marketing has moved from a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘must have’ for any business.

Features That Make An Email Marketing Firm Special

A few things set an email marketing firm apart from your typical marketing agency.

  • Data. The collection of data through email opens up a whole new world of marketing possibilities. Thanks to tools like MailChimp and HubSpot, which provide tons of free data, marketers can easily find out who is opening their emails, how they are opening them, and what they are doing after they open them. This type of data is incredibly valuable and allows marketers to tailor their campaigns to meet specific goals.
  • Community. Email marketing is all about connecting with people. Marketers use platforms like MailChimp and HubSpot, which provide them with vibrant communities of users, to interact with customers and get valuable feedback. This feedback can then be used to improve the customers’ experience. Email marketing needs to be a part of your overall marketing strategy, but it should not be viewed as a replacement for traditional advertising or PR. It is a form of marketing that is both effective and unique, which will help you stand out from the competition.
  • Personal. Your customers are individuals, not just a mass mailing list of passive recipients who have no interest in your product or service. With email marketing, you can continue to develop a personal relationship with your customers, which, in turn, will make them more interested in your product or service.
  • Results. Even though email marketing is a relatively new tool in the marketing arsenal, many businesses have found that it is a powerful way to reach customers and drive sales. Companies like MailChimp and HubSpot keep track of how many people open their emails and what actions they take after opening them, which provides valuable data that can be used to track the success of any email marketing campaign.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Email marketing is often seen as a cheap form of marketing, when in fact, it can be a highly cost-effective way to get the word out about your product or service. In 2017, the industry average for email marketing campaigns is only around 2 cents each, according to Email Marketing Facts and Statistics from HubSpot.
  • Scalability. It is said that ‘absence of evidence is not evidence of absence’, and the same can be said about email marketing. The fact is that you can start a small email marketing campaign with just a few emails a week and then gradually grow your list as your business grows.
  • Lifespan. Thanks to tools like AWeber and 1&1, which provide features that allow you to automatically send emails at preset times, you can easily create emails that will live on in perpetuity. This is in stark contrast to the often disposable nature of social media posts, which, in turn, can make them even more effective when used in email marketing campaigns.
  • Segmentation. The ability to target specific groups of people based on various criteria is one of the most effective forms of email marketing. You can target your campaigns to men or women (or both!), based on their interests, hobbies, lifestyle, and so much more. With segmentation, your email marketing campaigns will be much more effective and, in some cases, prove to be more lucrative. You can even segment using different email platforms, like Google Docs, to reach the same audience through different channels.
  • Consistency. When someone signs up for your email list, they should experience consistent messaging and high delivery rates from that point on. AWeber and 1&1 both provide features that allow you to personalize your messages and, as a result, increase the chances of someone on your list opening your emails and taking an action (like buying your product or service). Every email you send needs to be designed to make the user feel like you are just trying to help them and that what you are sending is of worth to them. A poorly-designed email can ruin the entire purpose behind an email marketing campaign.
  • Storytelling. The effectiveness of a business’ PR campaign can be measured by the results of a particular story that the campaign propagates. The same principle applies to email marketing. Journalists, bloggers, and others can be influenced by a good story and, as a result, may write about your product or service in a positive manner. To take advantage of this, you need to be able to tell a good story using effective images and words.
  • Monetization. The ability to turn your campaigns into revenue-generating machines is one of the most effective ways of creating a successful email marketing campaign. The most popular and effective ways to monetize email campaigns are through affiliate marketing and display ads.
  • ROI. The return on investment for any type of marketing is one of the most important metrics to measure its success. Thanks to tools like AWeber and 1&1, which provide analytics within the platform, you can easily track the results of your email marketing campaign and determine the worth of that effort. To calculate your ROI, simply compare the number of orders received before the campaign started to the number of orders after.
  • Tailored-mailing. A tailored-mailing allows you to send emails based on a subscriber’s previous actions, including purchases and website visits. AWeber and 1&1 provide features that allow you to track every action a subscriber takes (including purchases) and then provide you with a complete analysis of their needs and interests. This information can then be used to send them emails that are both relevant and interesting.

How Does Email Marketing Work?

It is important to understand how email marketing works before you can effectively use it to promote your product or service. Many big businesses initially avoided email marketing because they did not have the time to learn the technology behind it or to create software to track results. Thanks to tools like AWeber and 1&1, which provide features that make email marketing easy to use and manage, now is a perfect time to jump into the fray.

The key to a successful email marketing campaign is in the details. Before you can send a single email, you need to have a well-thought-out plan that takes into account every aspect, from target audience to content.

To attract potential customers to your product or service, you need to focus on giving them value and interesting content that will keep them coming back for more.

Why Should You Email Marketing?

Email marketing is growing rapidly as more and more businesses realize its power. Here are some interesting stats about email marketing that will make you consider it as an attractive prospect.

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