Top Red for Email Marketing

Red stands for vibrant and ambitious, qualities that make up a successful marketer. Companies such as HubSpot, Marketo, and Pardot have elevated Red to the status of an ideal marketing email marketing platform.

If you’re looking to grow your email marketing presence, you’ve probably considered trying out a tool like Red, which specializes in email marketing.

Let’s take a closer look at how Red can help you to succeed in your email marketing efforts.

The Power Of Automation

With Red, you have access to a highly-automated email marketing platform, which means you can concentrate on growing your business, and let the platform do the marketing for you.

As an email marketer, you’ll appreciate the power of automation. Building and managing subscriber lists, distributing mail blasts, and nurturing leads are all time-consuming tasks. Red takes care of the tedious stuff so that you can focus on building and growing your business.

Why should you concentrate on nurturing leads? Well, according to HubSpot’s Senior Manager of Marketing Essie Acolatse, “a lot of people think that marketing automation means you can send out a lot of e-mails without having to engage with customers. That’s not necessarily true. Automation is about engaging with your customers. It’s about making communication more personal.”


Another valuable quality of Red is its ability to scale. When you have a small business, you may be restricted by the size of your staff or by your available tech stack. But with Red, you can easily add more capacity, and expand your reach to more people. The platform is designed to grow with you.

“We designed Red with the entrepreneur in mind,” said Chris Dorman, CTO at HubSpot. “No matter what stage you’re at, you can find the right tools to help you scale and grow. Whether you’re looking to get started or are an established business, you’ll find what you’re looking for.”


Red is known for being an extremely effective tool for email marketing. According to the tool’s co-founder and CEO, Jeff Moore, the platform was designed with one goal in mind: to make email marketing as effective and efficient as possible. Not only does Red make emailing easier and more efficient, but it also provides you with the tools to see how every campaign is performing, and to identify areas for optimization.

“We want to make sure that every part of our client’s lives is as easy and enjoyable as possible,” said Moore. “Email marketing is a huge part of our strategy, and we’re committed to making sure that we provide our clients with the best possible experience when it comes to sending out emails.”


One of the biggest concerns for any business is keeping their data secure. Without a secure connection, you won’t be able to do business, as any outsider could potentially steal your customers’ data and use it for their own gain.

Red offers extremely high security standards, which means that even if your data is at risk, it will be protected. This security measures include things like hashing, two-factor authentication, and using SSL to encrypt your traffic.

“We believe very strongly in securing our platform and our customers’ data. It’s one of the main reasons why we built our own data center,” said Moore. “We want to make sure that even if a hacker were to gain access to our platform, they wouldn’t be able to use our secrets or customers’ data.”


The last thing any business needs is a clunky and complicated tool that isn’t easy to use. If the process of sending out emails, or any part of their marketing campaign, is cumbersome, they’ll never love the tool or strategy as much as they could if it was simple and enjoyable to use.

Red is extremely straightforward and user-friendly. Not only does it require very little expertise to get started (just one click will get you signed up), but it also provides you with all the tools and features you need, without any unnecessary frills or options. When you’re first starting out, you may need to customize a bit, as the platform doesn’t come with any templates or design features yet, but the team at Red are committed to keeping things simple and straight forward.

“We want our clients to be able to get up and running as quickly as possible, without having to worry about complicated customizations or having the wrong tools. We want to make sure that our clients can just focus on what’s important to them, and let us handle the rest,” said Moore.


Red includes all the features you’d need to grow your email marketing campaign. Things such as autoresponders, email campaigns, landing pages, and membership sites are all available to be used with no extra costs.

However, if you’re looking for more features, you don’t have to look any further. The team at Red are constantly adding new features and functionality to the platform, and clients can take advantage of these as they see fit.

“There are a lot of great tools out there, but if you’re looking for something that is extremely comprehensive and has everything you need, then Red is the go-to choice,” said Acolatse. “Plus, we love that there aren’t any additional fees to use their platform; it’s one fee that covers everything.

Where Can I Buy Red?

If you’re interested in buying Red, you can visit the tool’s website or find a local reseller.

As with any other product or service, it’s a good idea to do some research before purchasing. Make sure you keep up with any customer support requests, as well as any recent news articles or blog posts that may pertain to the product or service. Doing your research beforehand will save you both time and money, as you’ll be assured of what to expect, and won’t have to worry about any unpleasant surprises once the product has been delivered.

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