How to Integrate Typeform and AWeber

Every marketer knows the importance of having a good mailing list. Having an active email list is the key to having a successful digital marketing campaign. So when I came across Typeform and AWeber, I knew that they were two products that I had to try out.

Both Typeform and AWeber are email marketing tools that can help you build and grow your email list. However, they’re also tools that can make your life a little bit easier when it comes to email marketing. So if you’re looking to integrate these products into your workflow, then this article is for you. Here’s what you’ll need to know.

The Basics Of Both Products

First off, let’s discuss what exactly Typeform and AWeber are. Typeform is a lead capture software that helps businesses collect email addresses from potential customers. What makes this product different from other lead capture software is that it comes with a free membership. As a result, you won’t be charged for the tool itself. However, you will be charged for the service. This is where AWeber comes in.

AWeber is an email marketing tool that can help you grow your email list by letting you send automated emails to your subscribers. This is important because not all email marketing tools can do this. And since AWeber is integrated with Gmail and other prominent email services, this definitely puts it ahead of most other tools. Additionally, AWeber is completely free to use for personal use.

Which One Should You Try First?

This is a question that you need to ask yourself. Do you want to go for a free trial of Typeform first or do you want to try out AWeber for the first time?

As a business owner or marketer, you’ll be happy to know that both products are completely free to use. So you’re not going to be charged one penny for either of them. This is huge because sometimes free trials for products don’t exist, especially when it comes to email marketing tools. And since both Typeform and AWeber are free, you’ll be able to try them both out and see which one works best for your needs.

How Do They Work Together?

Now that you know the basics of both Typeform and AWeber, it’s time to discuss how they work together. If you have a Typeform account, you can use the tool to collect email addresses from your potential customers. What you need to do is identify the various landing pages on your website that you think that interested customers might visit. From there, you can pick the “best” option to launch the Typeform widget on. When someone fills out the Typeform widget with their email address, you can then take them to your AWeber account and begin the automated email process. So in essence, Typeform collects leads and then passes them onto AWeber for you to nurture.

This is a very efficient process because not only does Typeform get you a new email address, but they also give you the ability to further target your prospects with relevant content. This is important because the more that you know about your customers, the more you can help them. And in turn, this makes them more likely to buy from you. So in terms of leads and nurture campaigns, Typeform and AWeber work in tandem to efficiently grow your email list.

Which One Should You Integrate First?

Once you have a good understanding of how Typeform and AWeber work together, it’s time to figure out which one you should integrate first. Do you want to try out Typeform first and then integrate it with AWeber later or do you want to integrate AWeber first and then add Typeform later?

The answer to this question will be determined by your experience. Do you have a team of marketers that you can hand the task over to or do you want to do it yourself?

If you have the time and resources to do it yourself, then you might as well integrate AWeber first and then add Typeform later. However, if you’re looking for an efficient lead generation tool, then you might as well try out Typeform and see how it works for you.

Which One Is More Suitable For B2C Marketing?

Now that we know the differences between B2C and B2B marketing, it’s time to discuss which one is more suitable for your needs. Are you looking to generate revenue or are you looking to simply grow your email list?

If you’re looking to generate revenue, then you should go with B2C. B2C marketing is much easier to implement than B2B because all you need is a website and you’re good to go. You don’t necessarily need a product to be a B2C marketer. But to qualify as a B2C marketer, you must be selling a product or service that you create.

If you’re looking for a tool that can help you simply grow your email list, then you should go with B2B. It’s easier to generate revenue through a subscription model. So if you can get something into the hands of your customers and then automatically charge them monthly, then this is a viable option for you.

Whether you’re looking to bring in revenue or simply want to grow your email list, Typeform and AWeber can help. Both of these products work well together and make it easy for you to generate leads and grow your email list.

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