The Ultimate Guide to Video for Email Marketing

In the world of digital marketing, video is an essential element. Google owns a whopping 98% of all search traffic, and over 70% of those searches are associated with video content.

People are engaging with video content more than ever before, which means you have the ability to reach a massive audience if you incorporate video into your strategy.

In fact, according to HubSpot Blogs research, 64% of consumers have watched video content in an email, and 28% have clicked on a video embedded in an email to watch it full-length. If video content isn’t doing well in your marketing plan, email might be the place to solve the problem!

If you’re looking to integrate video content into your email marketing strategy, but aren’t sure where to start, this article is for you. Here are some essential tips for using video in email marketing.

Videos For Email Marketing Can Be Fun And Interactive

One of the main advantages of a video in email marketing strategy is that you can use it to strengthen the connection with your audience. Creating a powerful video that will stick in your audience’s minds can be challenging, but fun.

You can use video in your email marketing to tell a story, demonstrate a product or feature, or even entertain your audience. As the saying goes, a video can entertain people while teaching them something new. This is key when trying to build a trusting relationship with your audience because it means you’re not just selling them products, you’re engaging with them.

Along with strong storytelling, you can use other tactics to make your video more interesting and engaging. For example, you can add in some fun facts about the topic or make use of various visual tricks to liven up the screen.

Videos Can Be Used To Maximize Your Reach

If you’re looking to integrate video content into your email marketing strategy, but don’t have the resources to produce a high-quality video, there are other ways to use video to reach your audience. When someone watches a video in their email, they usually watch it in entirety, so you can expect a high engagement rate.

By taking the time to put a good-quality video in your email, you’re enhancing the chance of someone watching it, liking it, and then sharing it with their followers. This is a critical step in the viral cycle and could potentially send your video content viral status.

Videos Can Be Engaging And Informative

Even better, you can use video in your email marketing to educate your audience about a product or feature, entertain them, or tell a story. Videos that entertain people while also providing them with useful information are the videos to aim for. Someone might watch your entertaining video and then realize they’re missing out on an important update about the product you’re advertising, so it’s worth pursuing this combination.

To create an interesting and informative video to incorporate into your email marketing, you first need to determine the video’s purpose. Are you trying to educate your audience about new products or features? If so, what are you trying to teach them?

Once you’ve determined the video’s purpose, you can work on making it informative. To maximize the chances of your video being useful to your audience, you need to add in some high-quality content.

You also want to choose a topic that your audience is interested in. If you have a tech-savvy audience, you can produce an informative video about technology. Or if you’re targeting executives, you can create a video outlining their top priorities for the next fiscal year.

Make Sure Your Video Content Is Good

An informed audience is the best audience, so you want to ensure that the content you’re using in your video is good. You don’t want to throw together a quick 30-second clip using whatever is available to create a collage-like effect. Instead, take the time to find a good stock video or graphic that you can use, and then add your own voiceover.

If you have a strong narration, you can add in some quotes from industry experts or other prominent people. And if you have a funny story to tell, you can add in some funny anecdotes. People love to learn while being entertained, so you can bet they’ll enjoy your video.

Create Video Content That Is Fresh

With so much competition, it’s essential that you keep your content fresh and entertaining. To do this, you need to produce new content regularly. If you have a marketing team that can produce videos on a regular basis, put them to work creating short informative videos to incorporate into your strategy.

The most effective way to ensure that your video content is fresh is to create a playlist of your past videos. If you have a playlist of previous videos that you think are entertaining or informative, you can use that as a starting point for creating new content.

Make Sure Your Playlist Is Tailored To The Email Marketing Campaign

You also need to make sure that your playlist is relevant to the email marketing campaign you’re using it for. Your strategy should dictate what content you use and when you use it. In other words, if your goal is to gain sales from the online marketplace, your video content might consist of more digital marketing tips, while if your aim is to educate your audience about a new product or feature, your video content might highlight that product or feature more.

The Ultimate Guide To Video For Email Marketing: Next Steps

If you’re looking to integrate video content into your email marketing strategy and aren’t sure where to start, this article is for you. Here are some essential tips for using video in email marketing.

Videos can be a powerful tool for any marketer, but they have special appeal within the email marketing arena.

If you want to integrate video content into your email marketing, start by asking yourself these questions:

Is my goal to educate my audience about a new product or feature? Or do I want to entertain my audience and encourage them to click through to learn more about the product or feature?

How long is my video content? Is it short and snappy or is it a longer form video with an entertaining narrative?

Does my audience enjoy short and snappy videos more than long-form videos?

These questions will point you in the right direction and help you determine what type of video content to create.

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