The Secret to Better Email Marketing with Web Fonts

In the recent years, email marketing has become somewhat of a dark art. The practice of sending mass emails to buyers to promote brands and products has been completely overshadowed by the effectiveness and power of social media marketing. Simply put, when it comes to online marketing, social media has replaced email.

Although, there are ways to make email marketing work for you.

You can use Web Fonts to enhance your email marketing campaigns.

What are Web Fonts?

Web fonts are simply the fonts that you see on the web. These are the same fonts that you would install on a computer or mobile device. The difference is that when you install a web font, you are not limited to using it on a web page. You can use it anywhere within a digital marketing email.

Why use Web Fonts in Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a practice that has been around for centuries. Simply put, an email marketer is someone who sends email messages to people to promote a product or service. When it comes to digital marketing, email is one of the most powerful and effective tools available.


Well, first of all, email is universal. Everyone has it, everyone uses it, and everyone has an opinion on it. This makes it a perfect channel for a business to reach and engage with their audience. When you send an email to someone, they know exactly what you are trying to tell them. This means that you can use all of the tools of modern-day marketing to your advantage.

Second, it is cheap and free. You don’t need to purchase expensive mailing lists to send out mass emails. All you need is a Gmail or an iCloud account and a laptop or desktop computer. The only thing you need to purchase is web fonts if you want to add a bit of flair to your emails. Additionally, when you send out an email, you are not limited to one recipient. You can send the email to as many people as you like. This means that you can send the same message to every single person on your mailing list. When you use a tool like ConvertKit, you can also track how many people opened the email and how many clicked on a particular link you included in the email.

How do I add a bit of flair to my emails with Web Fonts?

There are multiple ways to add a bit of flair to your emails with Web Fonts. For example, you can use different fonts for different parts of your email. A bold font for headlines and subheadings, a lighter font for the body text, and so on. Furthermore, you can use colors to make your emails stand out. If a business has a particular tone of voice or personality that they would like to project, they can choose a specific color scheme for their emails. This way, when a recipient opens up their mailbox, they will be bombarded with colorful, eye-catching headlines and body copy.

Some businesses choose to go all out and use the full complement of fonts and colors available. This makes for some truly unique and eye-catching emails.

What are the alternatives to email marketing?

Although, email is still one of the most effective ways to reach and engage with a customer or potential customer, it is definitely not the only one.

The alternatives to email marketing are pretty extensive. If you want to find out more, simply type “email marketing alternatives” into Google.

Based on what you search for, you will get a long list of suggestions. You can then choose which alternative strategy seems like the best fit for your needs and skills. Keep in mind that whatever your reason for wanting to get into email marketing, there is an alternative that can help you.

How can I get started with Web Fonts?

There are multiple ways to get started with Web Fonts. As a consumer, all you need is a browser like Google Chrome or Apple Safari and hopefully, an iPhone or iPad. When you visit a website that uses Web Fonts, you will see a small pop-up appear at the top of your screen. Simply click the pop-up and you will be redirected to the appropriate website or app store.

On the flip side, as a marketer, you can download a tool like TypeKit to integrate Google Fonts, Apple Fonts, and Mozilla Fancy into your marketing arsenal. When you download and install TypeKit, you will see a small popup appear at the top of your screen. Click the popup and you will be redirected to the appropriate place on the web to integrate the font of your choice into your next marketing project. From there, it is simply a matter of clicking a button to get the font integrated into your project.

What are the implications of using Web Fonts in marketing?

Depending on how you use web fonts in your marketing, you can end up with some pretty significant advantages. First and foremost, using web fonts can give your emails a unique flair. Furthermore, you can use all of the same tools that you would use for email marketing to track the performance of your campaigns. Last but not least, you can easily test out different combinations of fonts and colors to see which ones work best for your needs.

In conclusion, using web fonts in your email marketing can boost your campaigns and make them much more effective. Simply put, if you want to use email marketing to grow your business, web fonts can help you get there faster and easier. All you need is a simple Gmail account and a laptop or desktop computer.

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