How Many Paragraphs Should Your Email Marketing Copy Have?

You’ve probably heard the expression “less is more.” The same goes for email marketing copy. Fewer words = more impact.

In the world of digital marketing, lead generations change. Consumers like to consume content in shorter videos, infographics, or memes. To keep up with these consumer behaviors, your email marketing content should be brief – and make an impact.

If you’re not sure how many paragraphs to include in your next email campaign, keep reading.

The Need For Brevity

Virtually every marketer I’ve surveyed says they feel more comfortable sending shorter emails. One large marketer told me, “Our goal is to provide value to our customers in the least amount of steps possible. If a lead is scrolling to find the next step, we’ve already done our job.”

What’s more is that consumers usually only have a few minutes to absorb your message before they lose interest.

Reduction Is Key

Marketers should always strive to reduce the number of times a consumer has to click a button, go to a different tab, or scroll down a page in order to get the information they need. According to HubSpot Blog reader Spencer Haws, co-founder and CMO of digital marketing firm Onered, marketers should “maximize the value and minimize the effort required from the viewer.”

Onered’s blog post on the best practices for email marketing (honestly, it’s one of the best articles on the subject) includes tips on how to write effective email marketing copy for your business. The post suggests breaking down long, rambling emails into short, snappy versions. It also suggests using email marketing to promote content in other platforms, such as social media.

In the age of Twitter and Facebook, consumers have shorter attention spans. Even if you’ve got the best product in the world, your email signup sheet might not be generating sales if your email marketing isn’t up to date with the times.

The Rise Of Memes

To attract millennial and Gen Z consumers, many businesses are creating videos to accompany their marketing materials, whether that’s an email marketing piece or social media campaign. The videos should tell a quick story that will make the viewer interested in what you have to offer, according to HubSpot Blog reader Kayla Matthews.

Many business owners think that just because their product is valuable that they’ll automatically be able to sell it to everyone. While that might be true in the short term, you need to consider the different interests and preferences of your consumer audience. For example, if your product is luxury goods, you might not want to alienate your middle class audience with an email marketing video that’s filled with flashy, expensive-looking products that they can’t afford.

Instead, get creative and come up with ways to tell your story that will resonate with your target audience. If you can combine a personal story with graphics that are both eye-catching and informative, you’ll be able to engage your audience and get them to respond. Creating memes can help you do that.

The Rise Of Influencers And Celebrities

To have an impact on your target audience, many businesses are turning to social media influencers and celebrities to help them shape their marketing strategies. According to HubSpot Blog reader Ryan Hagel, a key advantage of using celebrities is that they already have a large, engaged audience that you can tap into for marketing purposes. In some cases, you might even be able to get them to promote your product or service on social media platforms for free.

While you should use social media to follow the news and stay abreast of trending topics and hashtags, you shouldn’t simply follow the celebrity or influencer’s every move on social media. Instead, be strategic about how you engage with this audience. Does your product fit their interests? Or do you want to focus more on inspiring or motivating people?

If you can get your hands on a celebrity’s contact information, you can get them to perform a product review or highlight your company in a social media post. The possibilities are endless. With a little bit of research and creativity, you can find ways to use celebrities and influencers to help your business grow.

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