The Worst SEO Email Marketing Tactics to Avoid

Email marketing is a great tool for SEO professionals and digital marketers, but it can also be easily misused. In the age of spam, it’s crucial to know what practices and tactics to avoid if you want to stay compliant, protect your reputation and ensure you get the best results from your campaigns.

Here are the worst email tactics to avoid for SEO email marketing.

1. Buying, renting or scraping email lists

One of the worst email marketing tactics that you can use is buying, renting or scraping email lists. Many people think that this is a quick way to gain subscribers, but it’s actually a sure-fire way to get a bad reputation. Most of the people on these lists won’t remember signing up to receive emails from you, and the ones that do will be angry that their details have been sold or misused.

Instead of risking your reputation, spend time building an organic list of subscribers who are genuinely interested in your content. Make sure that any emails you send are relevant and engaging to ensure people stay subscribed.

2. Sending from an anonymous address

Sending emails from an address like or is another bad email marketing tactic. Doing this will mean that your subscribers won’t be able to get in touch with you, which could lead to confusion and frustration for them. It’s also unlikely to be accepted by any email service providers, so you won’t get the best delivery rates.

If you don’t want people to reply to your emails, then create an automated response that you can use to handle any queries. Otherwise, make sure you’re using a real name and address to email your list.

3. Sending too often

Sending too many emails can be one of the worst SEO email marketing mistakes you can make. Not only will this annoy your subscribers and make them more likely to unsubscribe, but it could also get you blacklisted from some of the bigger email service providers.

Before you send out any emails, check with your email service provider to see what their sending limits are. You should also think carefully about the frequency you’re sending emails at, and make sure you’re not overwhelming your subscribers.

4. Sending generic emails

Sending generic emails is another bad email marketing tactic. Many marketers think they can save time by sending out the same email to their entire list, but this won’t get you the best results. Your subscribers are individuals, and they will respond better if you treat them as such.

The more personalized you can make your emails, the better. Use segmentation to create targeted campaigns that are relevant to different groups of subscribers, and use dynamic content to ensure each email is as personalized as possible.

5. Not optimizing for mobile

Not optimizing your emails for mobile devices is a bad email marketing tactic that can have a huge impact on your results. Over half of all emails are now opened on mobile devices, so if your emails don’t look good on these devices then you are missing out on a big chunk of potential subscribers.

Before you send any emails, make sure you check how they look on mobile devices. You should also test the loading speed of your emails on mobile devices, as slow loading emails are likely to be deleted without being read.

Conclusion: Avoid these SEO Email Marketing Tactics

These are the worst SEO email marketing tactics that you should avoid. If you want to get the best results from your campaigns, then stick to best practices and make sure you’re sending relevant, personalized emails that are optimized for mobile devices.

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